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Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana Adjustment (Seitlich)

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How it's done

Stand in front of the practitioner and place their foot on your stomach for support. As the practitioner leans forward over the stretched leg, you can place your hand on her back to support the forward bend by pressing gently downward and forward towards her foot. 

As the practitioner starts to move into Utthitha Parshvasahita, switch the hand that is supporting their foot and move slowly to the back side of the leg until you support their hip with yours (in this case your left hip will take the place if their right). Hold onto their left hip with your left hand and pull it gently back as you press the right hip forward with your left hip. This can intensify the stretch of the adductor for the student. 

The last step of the adjustment is when the practitioner brings the leg forward and holds it. Stay outside their right leg and you support this floating leg with your left hand on their sacrum and your right hand on their right foot. Apply light pressure against both poles and encourage the student to push against your hands. 

This assist is really tricky because of the balance and movement factors. Pay close attention that you and your practitioner have found common balance and move cautiously!

Effect of the adjustment

  •  Stability increased,  ability to breathe deeper
  • Intensity increases because people tend to move quickly through this sequence and you help the practitioner to slow down. 
  • Exploration of empathy, common balance and trust

Why we recommend this video

We want to keep things creative and we believe that sharing our ideas may inspire you to do the same. We are curious about your experience and would love to read your input. Feel free to share in the comments below!

Special note

This tutorial does not replace the guidance of a competent teacher. Each person and every body is unique. Please be aware of this and work mindfully when offering this or any adjustment to a student.

Many thanks to  OGNX for the apparel (teacher and student).

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