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  • Trauma and Resilience

    Workshops and Teacher Training   ▸   Modular Therapy Course (MTC)

    Saturday and Sunday 07:00-17:00 Theory and Practice Organizational Information Each day there will be two breaks of about 90 minutes each. Upon successful participation of the MTC, you will have two m

  • Anatomie der Bewegung

    Workshops and Teacher Training   ▸   Modular Therapy Course (MTC)

    Preis & Anmeldung Preis: 255€ Anmeldung: oder telefonisch unter 02330 8918776 Samstag 08:00-18:30 Theorie und Praxis Sonntag 07:00-17:00 Theorie und Praxis Tagesablauf Der Tag beginn

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    Yoga Easy Allstar Retraeat Korfu

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  • Foodsharing

    Community   ▸   Network

    Sharing is caring: spread the love! Foodsharing – How does it work? How does foodsharing work? As the name implies, the goal of the organization is to promote the sharing of food. There are numerous l

  • AYI Sommerfest 2019

    Community   ▸   Network

    Sommerliches Feeling auf unserer Dachterrasse Ein Sommertag voller Impressionen. Am Schwörsamstag, 20.07.2019 durften wir mit Dir, Deinen Freunden und Deiner Familie ab 14:00 Uhr einen bunten und fröh

  • The Yoga Doc

    Community   ▸   Network

    The Yoga Doc - Enhancing holistic well-being with Yoga 19.03.2019 Dr. Ronald Steiner It's finally here! Why does Ron feel like Benjamin the Elephant when he has his new book in hand? Find out for your

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