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  • Trauma and Resilience

    Workshops and Teacher Training   ▸   Modular Therapy Course (MTC)

    Saturday and Sunday 07:00-17:00 Theory and Practice Organizational Information Each day there will be two breaks of about 90 minutes each. Upon successful participation of the MTC, you will have two m


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    Yoga Easy Allstar Retraeat Korfu

  • Hoch hinaus: Yoga-Session in den Abruzzen

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    Hoch hinaus: Yoga-Session in den Abruzzen 08.06.2018 Barbara Kittel-Holmgren Die BR Sendung "bergauf bergab" ist für alle Bergsteiger und Gebirgsfans ein fester Begriff. Überrascht dürfte den ein oder

  • 03.02.17 Interview Pink Elephant

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    The Pink Elephants: Flippo und Heather Melanie: Thank you both for taking the time to speak with us! You are the people behind Pink Elephant Yoga and Pink Elephant Cooking. Your own practice spans ove

  • 18.11.16 AYI Interview Birgit Hortig

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    Birgit Hortig Sabine: Birgit, you have been practicing yoga for almost 15 years. What brought you to the practice? Birgit: My yoga journey began in 2002. Our three children were all in school and afte

  • 27.10.16 Laughter Yoga

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    My First Encounter with Laughter Yoga My yoga path started in a yoga class in a run of the mill fitness studio. Six years later, in 2013, I had a much more intense encounter with yoga: I decided to sp

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