A global Ashtanga Yoga energy field

Everything we do during each Ashtanga practice sends out energy, leaving an imprint on the universe. Together in our practice, yogis all over the world generate an energy pattern. Join this gigantic energy field and let it guide you through your personal practice. In the simple act of rolling your mat out to practice, your yoga mat becomes a sort bus stop where you can get on the Ashtanga Yoga Bus: one which will take you on the most exciting journey of your life - and which can guide you to holistic balance. Enjoy the ride! Namaste.


AYI Sommerfest 2019

Hast Du mit uns gefeiert? - Wir schwelgen noch in Erinnerung an unser diesjähriges Sommerfest auf der Sonnenterrasse des AYInstitutes in Ulm. Bist Du neugierig was wir so alles erlebt haben?


The Yoga Doc - Enhancing holistic well-being with Yoga

It's finally here! Why does Ron feel like Benjamin the Elephant when he has his new book in hand? Find out for yourself here! With this book you will be able to do a lot of good for yourself and your students.


Foodsharing - yoga philosophy in practice

How can one implement and embrace yoga philosophy in every day life? Foodsharing provides a possibility for those wishing to practice yoga off the mat.


Hoch hinaus: Yoga-Session in den Abruzzen

Die BR Sendung "bergauf bergab" ist für alle Bergsteiger und Gebirgsfans ein fester Begriff. Überrascht dürfte den ein oder anderen dagegen haben, dass es dieses Mal sogar eine Yoga-Session in luftigen Höhen gab.


Sabrina Trifft… - Ronald Steiner

…Weltstars… Promis….Helden aus dem Alltag…. - Wir müssen zugeben, wir sind ein wenig stolz: Sabrina hat sich diese Woche mit dem Begründer der AYI Methode, Dr. Ronald Steiner, auf Donau3FM unterhalten.


Interview with AYI teacher Peter Luppa

Who are the people taking part in the Expert Convention? And do you have to be a full-time yoga teacher to do so? AYI Advanced Teacher Peter Luppa on his yoga journey and his experiences with the AYI Expert Week


AYI Interview with Anna Trökes

Can Yoga make you happy? Author and philosophy expert Anna Trökes thinks it can...

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