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  • Confidence

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    Melanie: What brought you to yoga or sparked the idea to begin practicing yoga? Lisa: In fact, it was my guitar professor at Stuttgart university where I studied. He often talked about going to Ulm on

  • 108 Sun salutations

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    The Ulm yoga schools made it their shared goal and vision to provide an opportunity to experience and share yoga - irrespective of one's own tradition or previous knowledge and experience. Ronald Stei

  • Empathizing with other people

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    ...even if - from the outside - it might look as if I was always doing the same thing ... Melanie You are one of the AYInnovation ® Teacher Trainers. What is it that intrigues you most about this task

  • 17.5.16 A physicist at AYI®

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    In June, the 31-year old with a doctorate in physics will stay at the Ashtanga Yoga Institute Ulm for a week. To practice, to meditate, to assist and also to teach. Since during this time she will sta

  • 26.6.16 Sampurna

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    AYI ® at Sampurna From the beginning on, the AYI ® team had the chance to closely follow the development of this unique place of learning and mutual exchange. Since its opening in 2011, we have repeat

  • Energy – Bandha

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    Bandha allows energy to flow. This is technically something very subtle. Therefore physical action and muscle contraction are only a small part of bandha . Mula Bandha and Uddiyana Bandha are the two