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  • Moving – Vinyasa

    Ashtanga Yoga   ▸   Inspiration for your practice

    Vinyasa (movement) connects the individual postures (Asana) like pearls on a garland. The Ujjayi breath runs evenly through the movements (Vinyasa) and postures (Asanas), like the thread in the centre

  • Breathing – Ujjayi

    Ashtanga Yoga   ▸   Inspiration for your practice

    Yogis are convinced that everything is prana (energy). The breath links the physical and energetic universe. By applying the correct breathing technique you can open a gateway to unlimited energy. The

  • How do I find the right style for me?

    Ashtanga Yoga   ▸   Inspiration for your practice

    Oops, an error occurred! Code: 20200117235242465c6287 What to expect? Ashtanga Yoga is an athletic and challenging type of practice and forms the basis for almost all types of Vinyasa Yoga. By now, th

  • Tristana

    Ashtanga Yoga   ▸   Inspiration for your practice

    Yoga is, what you don’t see. The powerful movements of ashtanga are only the exterior surface of an internal spiritual journey. "Behind the strength of the body, is an energy, which is spiritual and w

  • 2011-12-01_YogaAktuell-YogaExpo.pdf

    16 d e z e m b e r 2 011 | j a n u a r 2 012 y o g a a k t u e l l y o g a a k t u e l l 17 C arsten Ehrhardt und Denys Levinskyy zeichnen für die Yo- gaExpo verantwortlich. Welche Ziele die beiden „M

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  • 2010-01-25_Sueddeutsche-Zeitung.pdf

    Von Michael Zirnstein Hundert Körper, immerhin schlanke, schlichten sich in einen Konferenzraum, der für sechzig schon zu klein ist. Matte an Matte, Arm an Arm, Fuß an Nase. Dann atmen sie, und dehnen

  • AYI Interview with Eberhard Bärr

    Philosophy   ▸   Philosophy and Tradition

    Eberhard Bärr: The philosophical texts have been deeply inspiring to me. Sabine: Eberhard, you are here as a representative for the Vedanta teachings. For those who have little experience with Indian

  • 2012-01-01_Convict-Conditioning.pdf

    CoNvrct Con-otttowtxc 2 IE3 These three movements form the basis of the "Trifecta". They are like gold. .When used together, they represent much more than a greatjoint training program; they really ar

  • 2011-01-01_Robert-Steinbacher-Body-Art.pdf

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