Following asana, pranayama is one of the most well-known techniques of yoga. But how do breath exercises affect the body and mind? The purpose of this workshop is to address these questions. Additionally, you will learn specific pranayama techniques that can bring you a holistic sense of wellbeing.

Modular Therapy Course (MTC)

Cost and Registration

Price: 255€

Solis Yoga - Braunschweig

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08:00-18:30 Theory and Practice
07:30-17:30 Theory and Practice

Schedule Plan

The day will begin with relevant anatomy, alignment principles and therapeutic exercises. These will be demonstrated and then put directly into practice. At the end of the day the practical application of these principles will be the main focus.

During the day you will have two breaks, each being 1 to 1.5 hours long.

For whom is this Modular Therapy Course (MTC) of interest?

The Modular Therapy Course (MTC) is aimed at yoga teachers from any tradition, and practitioners who are interested in deepening their own knowledge. You will be equipped with anatomical and physiological background to support your practice. If you already have a personal practice from a different tradition, you can further inform your own practice with alignment principles, preventative and therapeutic exercises, and Bandhlign® techniques taught in these courses.

In the Modular Therapy Course (MTC) you learn therapeutic sequences and Bandhlign® techniques which support you in maintaining a stable and holistic practice. Everything you learn can be immediately put into action in your own practice. In the Modular Therapy Course (MTC) you will also learn about relevant anatomy and have a better understanding of how common injuries and illnesses affect the body in practice. Additionally, you will receive a handbook that you can refer back to later when you need to.

Aside from the contact hours of the Modular Therapy Course (MTC) you have two months time to complete an AYI® Learning assignment where you can reinforce the information you learned and reflect on the application of these concepts in your own practice and teaching. After final completion of this assignment you will receive a Certificate of Completion . This confirms your practical ability to use the concepts in the topic covered in your MTC. Completed MTC's with submitted AYI Learning assignments are counted towards your teacher training program AYInnovation® Yogalehrer Ausbildung or
continuing education AYInnovation® Weiterbildung.


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