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Pada-Hastasana Adjustment (Seitlich)

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How it's done:

Stand to the side of the practitioner and help to stabilize them using your arm and leg. 

Once you and the practitioner are stable, you have a number of options to help them to deepen their experience in the pose such as:

  1. Massage the neck muscles to help the practitioner relax their shoulders. 
  2. You can place your hands sideways at the ribs of the practitioner and give tactile feedback in their respiration by giving slight pressure during exhalation and release during inhalation. The goal here is to help them to deepen the breath. 
  3. As has been shown in Padangushthasana, you can also apply pressure against the practitioner's elbows and have them resist against it. 

Why we recommend this tutorial: 

We want to share our enthusiasm for creative adjustments with yogis across the globe. We are looking forward to your feedback!

By offering creative assists, you can offer the practitioner new insight, a different perspective or a whole new experience within an asana. We hope you enjoy trying out and experimenting with this assist for Pada-Hastasana.

Effects of this adjustment:

  • Deepens the breath
  • Creates space in the shoulder region
  • Offers a new experience in Pada-Hastasana 
  • Relaxes tension in the neck muscles

Important note: 

The tutorial does not replace the guidance of a competent teacher. Each person and every body is unique. Keep this in mind when choosing this adjustment and apply it mindfully. 

Dieses Video ist exklusiv nur für unsere Mitglieder und nicht einzeln erhältlich.

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