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Padangusthasana Adjustment (Kreativ)

00:20 Minuten

How it's done: 

Come down on one or both knees in front of the student. Place the crown of your head between the shoulder blades of the practitioner and your gaze is directed at the floor. 

Press lightly in towards the practitioner's back so that they are able to lean into your head. At the same time, press into their elbows and allow them to push outwards creating counter pressure between your hands and their elbows. 

Why we recommend this tutorial: 

In the AYI Method we are constantly looking for ways to innovate the practice, especially when it comes to adjustments. The way we offer different assists are as unique as the practitioners who are in your classes. For just that reason, we hope to offer you some insight on how you can offer an assist that is meaningful and informative for everyone. 

In this tutorial we share our creative assist for Padangushthasana. Could this adjustment be an enriching tool for you and your students? 

Effects of the adjustment:

  • Deepening the breath
  • Lengthening the spine
  • Experiencing Padangushthasana in a new light
  • Creating space for the shoulders

Important to note: 

The tutorial does not replace the guidance of a competent teacher. Each person and every body is unique. Keep this in mind when choosing this adjustment and apply it mindfully. 

Dieses Video ist exklusiv nur für unsere Mitglieder und nicht einzeln erhältlich.

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