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Parshvottanasana Adjustment (Seite)

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How it's done

Stand beside the practitioner on the side where the practitioner's leg is positioned to the back. Support the student's pelvis with your leg in order to maintain neutral positioning of the pelvis (avoid letting one side tip forwards). 

You can add support in a number of other areas from here. Using your upper arms, you can gently press the elbows towards the midline of the body. Another option is to massage the muscles of the neck to create softness in this area.

As with any other adjustment, you want to pay particular attention to how you and the student are supporting one another's equilibrium. Breathe in the rhythm of the practitioner and move with care. 

Why we recommend this video

In Parshvottanasana there are quite a lot of ways to offer a practitioner help. This is one example of how you can do that. We are curious to hear how this adjustment works for you - please send us your feedback! 

Effects of this Adjustment

  • Softening the muscles of the neck
  • Stretching the shoulder girdle
  • Creating length in the spine
  • Stabilizing the pelvis 
  • Deepening the breath

Please note

This tutorial does not replace the guidance of a competent teacher. Keep in mind that every person comes to the mat with their own distinct experiences and every body is unique. Always work mindfully and respectfully when offering adjustments. 

Many thanks to OGNX for the apparel (teacher and student).

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