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Utthita Parshvakonasana Adjustment (Seitlich)

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How it's done

Stand over the back leg facing the direction of the practitioners head. As the student goes into the pose, you will use your legs on either side of the student's back leg and press gently to create stability. You can even use your legs to pull her thigh down towards you in order to ground her back foot more effectively. Place your arms on either side of the upper flank of the practitioner and pull the torso up and away from the hips. You can also use the hands to help to deepen the breath or promote the twisting action of the thoracic spine simply by gently pulling in the direction of the movement. 

Effect of the adjustment

  • Intensified stretch
  • Stability
  • Deepened breath

Why we recommend this video

We know how important it is to share ideas, and in the case of assists, there are endless possibilities! In this video we share one of Ronald's favorite assists and we invite you to give it a try and share your experience with us. Please share your thoughts in the comments below. 

Please note

This tutorial does not replace the guidance of a competent teacher. Each person and every body is unique. Please be aware of this and work mindfully when offering this or any other adjustment. 

Many thanks to OGNX for the apparel (teacher and student).

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