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Ashtanga Yoga Fundamentals in einer sanften, meditativen Basic-Variante

18:45 Minuten

What to expect from this tutorial

As the name suggests, this Ashtanga Vinyasa Fundamentals video is a great way to establish a foundation for your asana practice. Combined with sun salutations and the finishing sequence, you have a complete 'mini' practice that can promote your physical wellbeing. Even alone, these poses can offer the practitioner a chance to connect their movement with conscious breath, which will directly affect the health of fascia, muscles and the nervous system. 

In this gentle version of the fundamental poses, experiencing the practice becomes more accessible. Gentle does not mean light or lazy, and soft does not mean slackness. The practice allows you to instead intensify the breath which trains the deepest layers of your core and helps to bring you physical and mental balance. In order to stay warm as you move and to get a true sense of the breath-movement connection, it is important to be consistent with the vinyasas which come between poses. 

No worries, this will not make your practice boring, but will give you a chance to work on more subtle aspects of the practice. By not chaining yourself to a specific form, you have an opportunity to become a master of breath and awareness. 

For whom is this video helpful?

The Basic Form of the Fundamentals can be used for just about anyone. It's great for beginners who are establishing their practice, for advanced students who want to intensify their breath and concentrate on the subtle aspects of the practice, or for days that you are not full of energy but know that your practice will do you good. Additionally, if you are healing from an injury or have back pain, this form can allow you to keep practicing and take care of your body as you move. 

Advanced Ashtangis can sometimes harden their bodies through their practice. In this basic form you work on the suppleness and elasticity of the fascia which will bring you more contentment with your practice than the perfection of the asana. 


  • Minute 01:05 – Opening mantra
  • Minute 02:38 – Breath cultivation
  • Minute 02:50 – Padangushthasana & Pada-Hastasana
  • Minute 04:08 – Vinyasa in Basic Form
  • Minute 04:46 – Utthitha Trikonasana
  • Minute 05:58 – Parivritta Trikonasana
  • Minute 07:35 – Vinyasa in Basic Form
  • Minute 08:07 – Utthita Parshvakonasana
  • Minute 09:09  - Parivritta Parshvakonasana
  • Minute 10:27 – Vinyasa in Basic Form
  • Minute 10:54 – Prasarita Padottanasana A + B + C + D
  • Minute 14:18 – Vinyasa in Basic Form
  • Minute 14:49 – Parshvottanasana
  • Minute 16:12 -  Abschlussmantra
  • Minute 17:40 – Savasana

Have fun practicing! Let us know your experiences by sharing them in the comments below: 

Many thanks to OGNX for the apparel (teacher and student).

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