Primary Series (Yoga Chikitsa)

utthita parshva sahita
उत्थित पार्श्व सहित

utthitaadjectiveextended, high, lifted
pārśvaadjectiveto the side
sahitaadjectiveconnected, joined, following

The flow of movement continues directly from the previous posture (greyed out, description on previous page).

Vinyāsa 3 – Inhale:
Inhale as you extend your arm and bring your torso upright.

Vinyāsa 4 – Exhale, 5 Breaths:
Exhale as your move your leg out to the right. Your gaze is over the left shoulder (Pārśva Dr̥ṣṭi). Stay here until the fifth exhale.

Note: Tilt your pelvis forward and deepen the groin. This will help you to maintain the natural curve of the spine and will enable you to keep the leg straight. 

The flow of movements continue directly into the next pose (greyed out, description on the following page).

Effect: Utthita Pārśva Sahita (Standing connecting pose to the side) adds a stretch to the inside of the legs. Your balance is further challenged by the direction of your gaze. 

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