After completing a successful test flight at the AYI® Sommerfest, AYI® Aerial found its place in the regular weekly class schedule. After a possibly cautious first inspection of the setup of vibrant yoga hammocks, it is surprising how quickly you begin to build trust in and then enthusiasm for using the colorful pieces of cloth to carry you as you defy gravity and move freely, suspended in the air.


What I really found most interesting was the three-dimensionality of the asanas. The partner exercises were also really fun. This idea of working with gravity in relation to your own body was a completely new experience for me. The end relaxation with us being gently swung as we lie suspended in the air was so soothing!

Here we are not only talking about the physical aspect of the practice. Alongside the calming and sometimes powerful muscular effort, AYI® Aerial attempts to incorporate a mental and energetic component into the practice. In fact it is no coincidence that the assortment of fabrics are so vivid. The bright hammocks were chosen specifically to enhance this element.

Sensing yourself as weightless and merely floating in the air is an incredible feeling. The colors themselves bring about a unique quality and so each practice can be experienced in a new way simply by being enveloped in a new shade.

Why so many colors?

As we were making preparations and selecting cloths we took care to find those which would speak to people. Not only from the texture of the material, but also the color. Most of us have favorite colors, where we feel safe and comfortable. At the very start of class each person is allowed to select their cloth for their practice. We have done our best to cover the entire spectrum of the rainbow with our cloth selection. The aerial yoga hammock has a special function that is a bit like a cocoon. It should support and protect you, cover you up when needed, lend you assurance and then and again swing you gently back and forth.