A global Ashtanga Yoga energy field

Everything we do during each Ashtanga practice sends out energy, leaving an imprint on the universe. Together in our practice, yogis all over the world generate an energy pattern. Join this gigantic energy field and let it guide you through your personal practice. In the simple act of rolling your mat out to practice, your yoga mat becomes a sort bus stop where you can get on the Ashtanga Yoga Bus: one which will take you on the most exciting journey of your life - and which can guide you to holistic balance. Enjoy the ride! Namaste.


In every moment you have a commitment to be present.

AYI Teacher and Teacher Trainer Birgit Hortig talks with us about her yoga journey and what really matters in the practice.


Aerial Yoga, Colors and Chakras

After completing a successful test flight at the AYI® Sommerfest, AYI® Aerial found its place in the regular weekly class schedule. After a possibly cautious first inspection of the setup of vibrant yoga hammocks, it is surprising how quickly you begin to build trust in and then enthusiasm for using the colorful pieces of cloth to carry you as you defy gravity and move freely, suspended in the air.


Chakras and Energy

Each chakra is governed by a specific element that is associated with unique qualities. It is said that you can cultivate aspects from that chakra by concentrating on that specific energy channel.


Laughter Yoga- Is that supposed to be a joke?

No, it's no joke... it really exists! This yoga form is growing in popularity and more and more people meet regularly to laugh together. In order to find out more about what is behind Laughter Yoga and for whom it might be suitable, we spoke with yogini Katja Schneider about her experience with this particular yoga form and why she would like to offer Laughter Yoga at AYI Ulm.


KraftQuelle in Kitzbühel: Interview with Martina Egger

5 years ago Martina Egger opened the doors of KraftQuelle (German for Power Source) in Kitzbühel, creating a unique space where yoga and midwifery go hand in hand.


Congratulations to the TRIKA 6 graduates!

After 4 years of hard work, aspiring teachers of the BDY / AYI® teacher training successfully completed their final weekend in Munich. This special weekend was a culmination of what was covered over the teacher training where the trainees demonstrated the knowledge they had acquired under the guidance of Anna Trökes and Dr. Ronald Steiner. The final exam tested their understanding of theory and the practical application of the material covered.


SEOM: Sensitivity, Energy, Orientation and Moxie

Profound content interlaced with modern beats: musician and songwriter SEOM sat down to talk with us about his lyrics, ancient truths and what really matters in life.

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