Everything we do during each Ashtanga practice sends out energy, leaving an imprint on the universe. Together in our practice, yogis all over the world generate an energy pattern. Join this gigantic energy field and let it guide you through your personal practice. In the simple act of rolling your mat out to practice, your yoga mat becomes a sort bus stop where you can get on the Ashtanga Yoga Bus: one which will take you on the most exciting journey of your life - and which can guide you to holistic balance. Enjoy the ride! Namaste.

9.9.16 AYI® Interview Andrew Eppler 9.9.16 AYI® Interview Andrew Eppler

Mysore, magic and the essence of yoga

Asthanga, Mysore, magic and what yoga is essentially all about – AYI® talks to Andrew Eppler

10.8.16 Yoga Festival Überlingen 10.8.16 Yoga Festival Überlingen

Yoga Festival at Überlingen

Stormy days at Lake Constance - but even those didn't deter over 550 enthusiastic yogis and yoginis from coming to the Überlingen Yoga Festival to experience yoga in all its different shapes. AYI® Teacher Barbara Kittel-Holmgren was one of them.

Empathizing with other people Empathizing with other people

The ability to empathize with other people

Structured creativity and a lively balance thanks to Ashtanga Yoga. AYI® interview with yoga teacher and AYInnovation ® Teacher Trainer Romana Lorenz-Zapf.

Yogability Herdecke Yogability Herdecke

Yogability: entering the world of yoga

On 1 May 2016 it was finally the big day: Yogability Herdecke opened its doors for the first time and will from now on offer perfect conditions for practice, reflection and relaxation on 130sqm.

13.7.16 AYI® Interview - Richard Pilnick 13.7.16 AYI® Interview - Richard Pilnick

Richard Pilnick on the “Yoga Photography“ project

Photography = Meditation = Yoga? Exlusive insights: gifted photographer and enthusiastic yogi Richard Pilnick on his latest project and his ideas on yoga and photography in general….

Aerial Yoga Aerial Yoga

Learning to fly: Aerial Yoga at the AYI Ulm

Take off in colorful yoga hammocks, let yourself drift and find new energy - thanks to Aerial Yoga this will now also be possible at the AYI Ulm. Discover numerous options for backbends, acrobatic experiments and much more.

108 Sun salutations 108 Sun salutations

108 sun salutations to celebrate the International Yoga Day in Ulm

What is it that you experience when doing 108 sun salutations? On 21 June 2016 - the first International Yoga Day celebrated in Ulm - the AYI® Team gave it a try and was suprised how exciting this experience was.