As a final sound, "m" adapts to the succeeding word as a nasal sound (Anusvara, ṁ).

Sanskrit Sandhi


  • Final "m" before consonants becomes an Anusvāra (ṁ). (spelled separately, together for compound words)
    Optionally before consonants also the class nasal. (spelled together)
  • Final "m" before vowels stay "m". (spelled together)
Final sound Initial sound Sandhi
-m vowel- -m-vowel-
-m consonant- -ṁ_consonant-
(alternatively also class nasal [n/m/ṅ/ñ/ṇ] according to the following consonant - then spelled together.)

Please note:

Within compound words (according to some speakers of Sanskrit also at the end of the word), the resulting Anusvāra is pronounced as the class nasal in accordance with the initial sound of the following word.