Yoga Sūtra Chapter Four: On Inner Freedom (kaivalya)" /><span class="tx-sgtransliterator-cakravat-font"><i>Yoga Sūtra</i></span> Chapter Four: On Inner Freedom (<span class="tx-sgtransliterator-cakravat-font"><i>kaivalya</i></span>) -

The fourth chapter of the Yoga Sūtra of Patañjali begins describing supernatural abilities and a shift in perception (siddhi). These eventually lead us to an absolute inner freedom (kaivalya) which is the culmination of the Yoga-path.

caturthaḥnominative singular
caturthasubstantive masculine
the fourth
kaivalyatatpuruṣa-compound genitive
kaivalyasubstantive neuter
liberation, inner freedom, complete isolation
kaivalyaword formation
complete isolation, absolute bliss
kevalaadjectivepure, exclusively one’s own, alone
pādaḥnominative singular
pādasubstantive masculine

The fourth Chapter: On Inner Freedom (kaivalya)

Dr. Ronald Steiner - historic word by word translation

Yoga Sutra 4: On Inner Freedom

Yoga-Sūtra 4.1: Siddhi - Supernatural abilities or a shift in perception?

In his Yoga-Sūtra, Patañjali describes five ways to achieve supernatural abilities (siddhi). Or could this have been meant figuratively to refer to a shift in perception?

Yoga Sutra 4: On Inner Freedom

Yoga-Sūtra 4.2-3: Saṁkhya & The origins of Being

By means of supernatural abilities (siddhi), the Yogin can deliberately create new life forms. Or, is this meant figuratively to describe your own transformation?

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