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Gesunde Gelenke: Mit dem Einrad zum Ziel

02:52 Minuten


In this short video Ronald brings his unicycle along to help explain the key to maintaining healthy joints. Using the hip joint as an example, you will learn how our muscles work together to ensure smooth, stable, and safe movements.

What ties the unicycle and joint movement together is a principle of Architecture known as tensegrity.  Simply put: the muscles and fascia work together to center the head of the femur in the hip socket, which in turn optimizes the movement of the joint. 

Why we recommend this video:

Hip pain can often arise as a result of unbalanced or inadequate muscular support as well as from fascial adhesions or knots. Often times such complaints can be resolved by practicing yoga therapy exercises which address these potential issues. 

We hope that this video provides you with a better understanding of how your joints work, especially in the case of the hip joint. Have fun implementing this new insight, be it on the mat or perhaps even the unicycle!?

Many thanks to  OGNX for the yoga apparel.

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