A global Ashtanga Yoga energy field

Everything we do during each Ashtanga practice sends out energy, leaving an imprint on the universe. Together in our practice, yogis all over the world generate an energy pattern. Join this gigantic energy field and let it guide you through your personal practice. In the simple act of rolling your mat out to practice, your yoga mat becomes a sort bus stop where you can get on the Ashtanga Yoga Bus: one which will take you on the most exciting journey of your life - and which can guide you to holistic balance. Enjoy the ride! Namaste.


Everyday Mindfulness with Yoga

In everyday life our brain is constantly exposed to stimuli, which result in biochemical processes taking place. Stimulus overload without a break is overtaxing on the body and mind. Thankfully, yoga can offer us a chance for some much needed mental down time.


A Look Abroad: Yoga in Tokyo

Tokyo is home to the most active and international yoga scene in East Asia with a dedicated community of practitioners made up of both home-grown and international yogis. The city offers a wide range of opportunities for enthusiasts catering to all tastes and preferences.


Paddling out the kilometers in kayak training was my first meditative experience.

Fascination with the breath: Physical therapist and AYI teacher Ulrich Schäfer talks with us about the effects of breath-led movement and its potential as moving meditation in sports, therapy and daily life.


My mat never gets rolled up!

What is yoga for kids? Are the children forced to sit down and meditate? While for many this image may come to mind, it is not at all the case. Florian Sprater tells us more about what really goes on.


Being content with myself

Atha yoga-anuśāsanam – or in other words, why it is never too late to start a yoga practice. AYI student and teacher Peter Herdin talks with us about how after 60 without yoga he was able to find access to this ancient practice. And why in hindsight this is the best thing that could have happened to him.


Pink Elephant Yoga – Cooking as a form of Bhakti Yoga

The Pink Elephants are all about having fun. Whether it be cooking, healthy eating or yoga: these guys know how to keep it fun! Melanie had a chance to sit down and have some fun talking with the masterminds behind Pink Elephant.


Interview with Tanja Launicke

Power, ego and monkey mind - AYI® Teacher Trainer Tanja Launicke took some time to sit down and tell us about her path to Ashtanga Vinyasa and what is it about AYI® that stands out for her the most.

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