The Musculus sartorius (lat. für „Tailor muscle“) is one of the skeletal muscles of the thigh. This thin muscle draws from the Spina iliaca anterior superior of the illium of the pelvis over the front- and inside of the thigh til the inside of the shin bone, more precise to the Pes anserinus superficialis. It is the longest muscle of the human body. It is a one headed mandrel shaped muscle (Musculus fusiformis).


M. Sartorius - Tailor Muscle


  • At the pelvis, respectivly more precise at the front of the (Spina iliaca anterior superior)


  • Pes anserinus superficialis: At the shin bone inside, very closely to the knee joint.


  • Hip Joint: Extention of the hip joint, outward rotation of the thigh, abduktion
  • Knee Joint: Extension of the knee joint, inward rotation of the shin bone


  • Nervus femoralis

Spinal Segments

  • L2-L3: A herniated disk in this area would impair this muscle.