There are various ways to realize supernatural skills or a perceptual transformation (siddhi). But only through contemplative immersion can this be achieved without side-effects such as Karma.

Yoga Sutra 4: On Inner Freedom
there, thereby, over there, thither
dhyā lokative
dhyānasubstantive neuter
immersion, *meditation
dhyānasubstantive neuter
dhyāverbal rootanasuffix
dhyāverbal rootthink, think to one’s self, contemplate
anasuffix neuterKr̥t-Suffix mit Guṇa-Stufe: {DE: bezeichnet eine Handlung
jam nominative singular neuter
born, risen
jaadjectiveborn, risen
anāśayamnominative singular
anāśayasubstantive masculine
without storage
anāśayasubstantive masculine
anprevixāśyasubstantive masculine
without establishment
āśayasubstantive masculine
resting place, seat
āprevixśīverbal root
lie, rest
āprevixto, towards, to here
śīverbal rootlie still, lie there, sit, sleep, yield, fade, perish

Once you have transformed your perceptual space (citta) through deep immersion (dhyāna), you can perceive the world around you without bias from the individual ego (asmitā).RSt

Of these 1 [five ways to attain supernatural skills (siddhi), [only one, namely that] which results from complete immersion (dhyāna) 2 which has arisen without storage [in the individual ego (asmitā) and therefore not associated with motivated action (karma).RSw


Refers to the five means of attaining supernatural skills (siddhi) from (YS 4.1) which are: birth, mind-altering substances, mantra, asceticism and states of enlightenment.


Here Patañjali is speaking of immersion (meditation) and not as in YS 4.1 about the complete experience of oneness (samādhi). But this practice leads directly to this experience (see YS 3.2-3.3).

Hierbei ist das durch die Meditation geschaffene [Cittam] ohne Werkresidua.

Paul Deussen - 1908

Among these (minds produced by birth etc. that which spring from meditations is without substratum.

James R. Ballantyne - 1852

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  • Völlige Unvoreingenommenheit....... ein hehres Ziel! Völlige Unvoreingenommenheit....... ein hehres Ziel!

    • geht ja auch um einen Zustand der "Erleuchtung" :)
      - Doch direkt in der Meditation auch wieder nicht so abstrakt. geht ja auch um einen Zustand der "Erleuchtung" :)
      - Doch direkt in der Meditation auch wieder nicht so abstrakt.