yoga therapy (de)

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Length 33:11 Minutes
for Beginner
Type therapeutic sequence (practice)
Language German


What can you expect in this video?

The thoracic spine is one of the least mobile parts of the human vertebra. However, it is vital to maintain mobility and spaciousness in this region to breathe freely. Have you ever experienced the feeling of rigidness in the chest which seems to restrict your ability to take a full breath? In this sequence we will show you exercises that can help you to breathe with more ease, which will lead to a sense of spaciousness and can ultimately promote a sense of relaxation. 

Moreover you can experience the differences between the openness of the bridge pose versus the sense of being closed in the shell pose. Observe where you are here and how and play with the different options available to you now. Do you wish to hold onto your energy, keeping it to yourself, or do you want to share that energy?

In this sequence you will have a chance to create physical space in the chest and mobility in the thoracic spine and to open up the flow of energy in the body. Breath plays a big role in this experience. What happens as you breath deepens?

For whom is this video helpful?

Do you feel that you take enough time for you and your needs? This sequence is an example of how you can take time to put yourself first and consciously bring yourself into balance through gentle mobilization of the torso. What is most important is that you decide what is right for you here and now and that you are okay with that. There is no right or wrong in this practice. Listen closely to your body and move intuitively. In this video you can learn to develop more trust in your body and more sensitivity to know when your body needs something. 

Feel into how these exercises create space in your torso. Breathe and move in harmony and identify your focus. Bring this newly cultivated energy along with you into the rest of your day. 


  • Minute 1:05 – Gorilla
  • Minute 2:55 – Four-Area-Breath (belly focus)
  • Minute 4:09 – Four-Area-Breath (back focus)
  • Minute 4:38 – Four-Area-Breath (chest focus)
  • Minute 5:50 – Four-Area-Breath (all four)
  • Minute 6:17 – Breath observation on all fours
  • Minute 10:15 – Dynamic bridge pose
  • Minute 15:15 – Shell pose
  • Minuten 16:16 – Bridge or Shell 
  • Minute 19:17 – Savasana 
  • Minute 20:00 – Crocodile 
  • Minute 26:04 – Restorative supine pose with bolster
  • Minute 31:01 – Close of practice (seated) 

Have fun practicing and let us know how it was? Feel free to comment and share your experience below. 

Many thanks to OGNX for the apparel (teacher and student).

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