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The AYInnovation® teacher training and further education is tailored precisely to your personal needs and requirements. Where is your starting point? What do you want to learn? When and where do you want to take the next step?

Bausteine Deiner Aus- und Weiterbildung

Multicentered. Modular. Qualified.

AYInnovation® - Traditional Ashtanga meets cutting edge science for a mindful alignment towards life – by Dr. Ronald Steiner


Events, Workshops, Retreats and Yoga Therapy Week Immersions - Inspiration. Immersion. Self-Care.

Rekindle your passion for your yoga practice by immersing yourself in the AYInnovation® Method. Yoga conferences and workshops are great ways to spark new ideas that you can use on the mat. On retreat you can leave your daily life behind and recharge while taking the time to put your practice first. Are you working on something very specific or are you looking for individual guidance? Then a one-on-one private immersion week or a yoga therapy week is right for you.


Modular Therapy Course (MTC) – Anatomy. Alignment. Yoga Therapy.

In ten independent thematic units, the Modular Therapy Courses (MTC) will guide you to a deeper understanding of applied anatomy, alignment and yoga therapy.


AYI® Teacher Training – Multicentered. Modular. Qualified.

The Advanced Training builds on the foundations of the Inspired Training. As a yoga teacher, you can enter the program at any time. The Expert Convention allows our most experienced AYI® teachers to stay up to date on all of the newest techniques.