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The Advanced Training builds on the foundations of the Inspired Training. As a yoga teacher, you can enter the program at any time. The Expert Convention allows our most experienced AYI® teachers to stay up to date on all of the newest techniques.

AYI® Inspired - Establish your foundation

The fundamentals of teaching and a personal introduction to philosophy are the cornerstones of the Inspired teacher training. If you have already completed a 200 hour teacher training from a different tradition, you are able to complete a bridge qualification in order to be certified in the AYI® Method. This program is called the "AYI® Quereinstieg".

Certification: The title AYI® Inspired Yogalehrer is recognized by Yoga Alliance as a 200-hour program.

1 year 180 UE (135 contact hours) in a closed group


  • about 2.900€ - depends on location and dates

In addition:

  • 1 year access to AYI® Learning
  • 40 UE (30 contact hours) of in-depth training by participating in 2 MTC workshops Modular Therapy Course (MTC)

AYI® Inspired Shortcut - Exclusively for Yoga Teachers

The "Quereinstieg" program is a bridge qualification for yoga teachers from other yoga traditions to learn the fundamentals of the AYInnovation® method. Learning this method will enable you to integrate elements from Ashtanga Vinyasa in an innovative and health-oriented way in your lessons.

Immersion Bridge Qualification Week 70 UE (52 contact hours)


  • about 980€ - depending on the location and when the course takes place

In Addition:

AYI® Advanced - Reaching new heights

The Advanced Training offers you the opportunity to refine your skills as a yoga teacher with a whole range of new teaching techniques. At the same time you will dig deeper into yoga philosophy by discussing and working through the texts. During the period of the training you will develop a growing and ever evolving personal yoga practice.

Certfication: The title AYI® Advanced Yogalehrer qualifies you for membership in the German yoga regulating organization "Berufsverband der Yogalehrenden in Deutschland" (BDY), meets the requirements for the "GKV Leitfaden Prävention", is recognized by both the "Zentralen Prüfstelle für Prävention" (ZPP) and by Yoga Alliance as a 500-hour program.

2½ Years - 5 Immersion Weeks 360 UE (270 contact hours) in a closed group


  • about €3,900 - depending on location and time

In addition:

  • 2½ years AYI® Learning
  • 160 UE (120 contact hours) by participating in 8 different MTC workshops of your choice Modular Therapy Course (MTC)

AYI® Expert Convention - For experienced teachers of the AYInnovation® Method

In der Expert Convention you don't miss a beat with Innovation. Here you will receive new inspiration for your teaching and keep up to date with the latest information on techniques and teaching formats.

Certification: With the title AYI® Expert Yogalehrer you are recognized as one of the most knowledgeable teachers in the AYI Methode.

Immersion Week - Expert Convention 70 UE (52 contact hours)


  • about 900€ - depending on the location and time

In addition:

AYI Teacher Trainers

All of our trainings are led by highly qualified and experienced AYI teacher trainers who not only have many years experience as practitioners and teachers, but who have truly been able to demonstrated deep understanding of the fine details of the AYI Method. Do you want to learn more about your trainer? Click on your trainer's profile below: