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  • Eka Pada Bakasana A

    AshtangaYoga    ▸   Traditional Practice Series    ▸   3rd Series - Sthira Bhaga

    "One-Legged Crane." This yoga posture demands physical strength and mental concentration. The extended [...] on one leg, maintaining the connection to the physical reality. Just as the crane, Baka, acts as a messenger [...] arms, wrists, and abdominal muscles, enhancing physical balance and core stability. This pose also improves

  • 17.5.16 A physicist at AYI®

    Community   ▸   Network

    In June, the 31-year old with a doctorate in physics will stay at the Ashtanga Yoga Institute Ulm for [...] up to date on all of the newest techniques. 8 Physics and Ashtanga Yoga - how do the two go together [...] a longer spell of illness which had left her physically and emotionally drained, a colleague advised

  • Breathing – Ujjayi

    Ashtanga Yoga   ▸   Inspiration for your practice

    everything is prana (energy). The breath links the physical and energetic universe. By applying the correct [...] breathing system can be successfully used during your physical practice. It is said that Yogis can melt snow [...] you will be able to master virtually impossible physical challenges with ease. Superficially, the muscles

  • Empathizing with other people

    Community   ▸   Network

    that allow all people, irrespective of their age, physical constitution or previous yoga experience to practice [...] used yoga in a therapeutical way to restore your physical or mental balance? If yes, which effects or results [...] structured way and to make them happen. Of course, physical ailments have also vanished in the process ;-)

  • AYI Interview with Ulrich Schäfer

    Community   ▸   Network

    person. In 1996 I completed my studies to become a physical therapist. At that time we worked with movements [...] ed phases of my life such as when I opened my physical therapy practice or during some periods of my [...] that yoga has played a role in your career as physical therapist and has helped you to overcome trying

  • Stabilize your core

    Online Yogastudio    ▸   Therapeutic tutorials

    AYI®-Method. Sometimes we meet yogis that have physical complaints despite having a regular yoga practice [...] will also help you to find your own mental and physical balance. Here we invite you to try Strength, [...] will also help you to find your own mental and physical balance. Here we invite you to try out a yoga

  • Dynamic Fascia Workout for Yogis

    Online Yogastudio    ▸   Therapeutic tutorials

    format of the practice. Just as with any other physical practice, yoga has adapted over time to suit the [...] innovative? Would you like to really test yourself physically, but still want to remain mindful of a traditional

  • Fundamentals in Basic Form

    Online Yogastudio    ▸   Online Yoga classes

    complete 'mini' practice that can promote your physical wellbeing. Even alone, these poses can offer the [...] deepest layers of your core and helps to bring you physical and mental balance. In order to stay warm as you

  • Cheat sheets (PDF)

    Ashtanga Yoga    ▸   Traditional Practice Series

    Positions The fundamental positions (Āsana) tune the physical and energetic body to balance (Alignment). The [...] deep in experience. Sometimes at this point the physical body is so flexible and powerful that the 1st

  • Urdhva Kukkutasana B

    AshtangaYoga    ▸   Traditional Practice Series    ▸   3rd Series - Sthira Bhaga

    this way, Ūrdhva Kukkuṭāsana becomes a physical representation of the inner peace and stability [...] Kukku.taasana~~ C thus not only represents a physical posture but also symbolizes the fusion of energy