Finally, the fourth chapter of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra is about liberation - Kaivalya Pada.



Sentence 7

karma-ashukla-akrishnam yoginah trividham-itaresham ||7||

कर्माशुक्लाकृष्णं योगिनः त्रिविधमितरेषाम् ॥७॥

karma-aśukla-akr̥ṣṇaṁ yoginaḥ trividham-itareṣām ॥7॥

For a yogi, the law of cause and effect (karma) is neither white nor black, but is threefold for others. ||7||

karmā = (nom. sg. n. from karman) actions and reactions; law of cause and effect
aśuklā = (nom. sg. f. from śukla) not white
a-kr̥ṣnam = (acc. sg. m./acc. sg. n./nom. sg. n. from a-kr̥ṣṇa) not black
yoginaḥ = (acc. pl. m./nom. pl. m. g. sg. m./abl. sg. m. from yogin) for a yogi
tri = (iic.) three
tri-vidham = (acc. sg. m./acc. sg. n./nom. sg. n from tri-vidhā) threefold
itareṣām = (g. pl. m./g. pl. n. from itara) of the others; for others

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