Finally, the fourth chapter of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra is about liberation - Kaivalya Pada.



Sentence 29

prasankhyane-'py-akusidasya sarvatha vivekakhyateh dharma-meghas-samadhih ||29||

प्रसंख्यानेऽप्यकुसीदस्य सर्वथा विवेकख्यातेः धर्ममेघस्समाधिः ॥२९॥

prasaṁkhyāne-'py-akusīdasya sarvathā vivekakhyāteḥ dharma-meghas-samādhiḥ ॥29॥

Attaining genuinely deep insight even engenders constant imperturbability and discernment (viveka). This state is referred to as dharma megha samadhi. ||29||

prasaṁkhyāne = deep insight
api = even
akusīdasya = having no interest remaining; imperturbability
sarvathā = in every way; always; constant; always
viveka = discernment
khyāti = resulting from; engendered by
dharma = (iic.) virtue; cosmic order; obligations in life; tasks in life
meghaḥ = (iic.) clouds; rain clouds
dharma-meghaḥ = emanation of dharma
samādhiḥ = (nom. from samādhi) transcendent state; samadhi; the goal of yoga

Samādhi is the state we find ourselves in as liberated human beings, and is the ecstatic experience of yoga, in which our perceptions are completely unclouded. Reading this statement by Patañjai reminds me of the following exchange I overheard at the end of a yoga session:

A: Hey, man, what’s all this nonsense about?
B: Samaadhi.
A. Samaadhi?
B: Yeah, megha-samaadhi!
A. Huh?
B: Yeah, megha-samaadhi. It’s beautiful, man.
A. Sounds great, man.
Dharma megha samādhi can in fact be loosely translated as “beautiful megha samaadhi.” Megha literally means storm clouds, which most people presumably do not associate with positive events. But imagine for a moment that you are living in a drought-stricken region where even drinking water is hard to come by and you’re very thirsty; and suddenly you see storm clouds gathering on the horizon. Dharma means keeping your promise or doing or duty. And thus the storm clouds are keeping their promise and will bring about heavy rains. When these rains fall on the parched earth and on us, this is a state that can be described as “megha beauty.”

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