The second Chapter of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras - contains instructions for our Practice - Sadhana Pada.



Sentence 15

parinama tapa sanskara duhkhaih guna-vritti-virodhachcha duhkham-eva sarvam vivekinah ||15||

परिणाम ताप संस्कार दुःखैः गुणवृत्तिविरोधाच्च दुःखमेव सर्वं विवेकिनः ॥१५॥

pariṇāma tāpa saṁskāra duḥkhaiḥ guṇa-vr̥tti-virodhācca duḥkham-eva sarvaṁ vivekinaḥ ॥15॥

Suffering is caused by change in the outside world, as well as impressions, desires (samsakra), misconceptions (vritti) and conflict. Suffering is omnipresent for those who have the capacity to differentiate. ||15||

pariṇāma = change
tāpas = desire
saṁskāra = impressions
duḥkhaiḥ = (nom. from duḥkha) pain; suffering
guṇa = the three basic elements of matter; nature
vr̥tti = waves; thought waves, misconceptions; veil; lack of clarity;
virodhā = resistance; conflict
ca = and
duḥkham = (acc. from duḥkha) pain; suffering
eva = even; only
sarvaṁ = all; everywhere; always
vivekinaḥ = (nom. from vivekina) for those who have developed the capacity to make distinctions

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