The second Chapter of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras - contains instructions for our Practice - Sadhana Pada.


Sentence 48

tato dvandva-an-abhighatah ||48||

ततो द्वङ्द्वानभिघातः ॥४८॥

tato dvaṅdva-an-abhighātaḥ ॥48॥

This results in a victory over the duality of life. ||48||

tataḥ = (from tata) from that; from the mastery of posture
dvaṅdva = pairs of opposites; dualities; dichotomies (e.g. wanting and not wanting; birth and death; happiness and unhappiness); the dualities of life
an = not
abhighātaḥ = (nom. from abhighāta) attack; defeat
anabhighātaḥ = freedom from attack; victory; mastery