The third chapter of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras instructs us about the progression of our practice - Vibhuti Pada.



Sentence 3

tadeva-artha-matra-nirbhasam svarupa-shunyam-iva-samadhih ||3||

तदेवार्थमात्रनिर्भासं स्वरूपशून्यमिवसमाधिः ॥३॥

tadeva-artha-mātra-nirbhāsaṁ svarūpa-śūnyam-iva-samādhiḥ ॥3॥

Insight (samadhi) occurs when only the subject matter of the orientation shines forth without any being affected by the person in question. ||3||

tad = (acc. sg. n./nom. sg. n.) thus; there; hence; now
eva = (prep.) the same; actually
tadā = precisely when
artha = (iic.) meaning; object; subject; topic
mātra = only; alone
nirbhāsā = luminous; radiant
svarūpa = (iic.) own form; own nature; personality; subjectivity; chitta
śūnyam = (acc. sg. m./acc. sg. n./nom. sg. n. from sūnya) empty; devoid of
iva = (prep.) as if
samādhiḥ = (nom. sg. m. from samādhi) samadhi; goal of yoga; state of enlightenment; transcendent state; absolute knowledge

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