The third chapter of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras instructs us about the progression of our practice - Vibhuti Pada.



Sentence 45

tato-'nimadi-pradurbhavah kayasampat tad-dharanabhighatscha ||45||

ततोऽणिमादिप्रादुर्भावः कायसंपत् तद्धरानभिघात्श्च ॥४५॥

tato-'ṇimādi-prādurbhāvaḥ kāyasaṁpat tad-dharānabhighātśca ॥45॥

This mastery engenders the ability to make the body appear to be extremely small, as well as attainment of an absolutely physical body and its indestructible integrity. ||45||

tataḥ = thence
aṇiman = capacity to make the body extremely small; the eight supernatural abilities (siddhis): very small; huge; light; heavy; attain the maximally remote; influence other living beings via the mind; influence non-living matter; materialization and dematerialization
prādurbhāvaḥ = manifestation
kāya = body
saṁpat = absoluteness; perfection
tat = whose; their
dharma = function; task; fullfillment of a duty
anabhighāta = non-resistance; without obstruction
ca = and

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