Yoga-Sutra 1 – Samadhi Pada: about enlightenment

The first chapter of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras is about enlightenment - Samadhi Pada.


Samadhi (समाधि, Samādhi) = Enlightenment
Pada (पाद, Pāda) = ChapterThe first chapter of the Yoga Sutra by Patanjali


Sentence 10

abhava-pratyaya-alambana tamo-vrittir-nidra ||10||

अभावप्रत्ययाअलम्बना तमोवृत्तिर्निद्र ॥१०॥

abhāva-pratyaya-ālambanā tamo-vr̥ttir-nidra ॥10॥

Deep sleep is the absence of all impressions resulting from opacity in that which is mutable in human beings (chitta). ||10||

abhāva = absence; non-presence; lack
pratyaya = impressions; that which is in the mind; opacity of chitta, i.e. impressions in chitta via vrittis.
ālambana = support, basis, interrelationship, based on
tamo = inertia. Tamas is one of the three gunas, i.e. the basic properties of matter.
vr̥tti = lack of clarity; waves; thought waves
nidrā = sleep; deep sleep

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