The first chapter of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras is about enlightenment - Samadhi Pada.


Samadhi (समाधि, Samādhi) = Enlightenment
Pada (पाद, Pāda) = ChapterThe first chapter of the Yoga Sutra by Patanjali


Sentence 44

etayaiva savichara nirvichara cha suksma-vishaya vyakhyata ||44||

एतयैव सविचारा निर्विचारा च सूक्ष्मविषय व्याख्याता ॥४४॥

etayaiva savicārā nirvicārā ca sūkṣma-viṣaya vyākhyātā ॥44॥

If the object of concentration is of a subtle nature, these two described states are known as savichraara and nirvichara samapatti. ||44||

etayā = by this; by these
eva = even; also
savicārā = with an investigation; savichara samapatti; the next most subtle state of samapatti
savicārā = without an investigation; nirvichara samapatti; the next most subtle state of samapatti
ca = and
sūkṣma = subtle
viṣaya = object
vyākhyātā = described; explained

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