The first chapter of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras is about enlightenment - Samadhi Pada.


Samadhi (समाधि, Samādhi) = Enlightenment
Pada (पाद, Pāda) = ChapterThe first chapter of the Yoga Sutra by Patanjali


Sentence 41

ksina-vritter-abhijatasy-eva maner-grahitri-grahana-grahyeshu tatstha-tadanjanata samapattih ||41||

क्षीणवृत्तेरभिजातस्येव मणेर्ग्रहीतृग्रहणग्राह्येषु तत्स्थतदञ्जनता समापत्तिः ॥४१॥

kṣīṇa-vr̥tter-abhijātasy-eva maṇer-grahītr̥-grahaṇa-grāhyeṣu tatstha-tadañjanatā samāpattiḥ ॥41॥

Once the misconceptions (vritti) have been minimized, everything that is mutable in human beings (chitta) becomes as clear as a diamond, and perceptions, the perceived, and perceiver are melded with each other. - One builds on and colors the other. This is enlightenment (samapatti). ||41||

kṣīna = reduced, minimized, emptied
vr̥ttiḥ = (nom. from vr̥tti) opacity; thought waves; waves
abhijātasya = clear; transparent
eva = how; really; truly
maṇi = diamond; jewel; crystal; precious stone
grahītr̥ = perceiver; subject
grahaṇa = perception; subject-object relationship
grāhyeṣu = the perceived; the object
tatstha = one builds on the other
tadañjanatā = one colors the other
samāpattiḥ = (nom. from samāpatti) samapatti; a state of enlightenment; samadhi

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