The first chapter of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras is about enlightenment - Samadhi Pada.


Samadhi (समाधि, Samādhi) = Enlightenment
Pada (पाद, Pāda) = ChapterThe first chapter of the Yoga Sutra by Patanjali


Sentence 18

virama-pratyaya-abhyasa-purvah sanskara-shesho-'nyah ||18||

विरामप्रत्ययाभ्यासपूर्वः संस्कारशेषोऽन्यः ॥१८॥

virāma-pratyaya-abhyāsa-pūrvaḥ saṁskāra-śeṣo-'nyaḥ ॥18॥

The other state of insight, which is based on persistent practice, arises when all perception has been extinguished and only non-manifest impressions remain. ||18||

virāma = (iic.) come to rest; cease; let go
pratyaya = (iic.) accurate perception; insight; impression; that which is in the mind
abhyāsa = (abl. sg. f ./g. sg. f.) assidousness; enthusiastic practice
pūrvaḥ = (nom. sg. m. from pūrva) the previous; unmanifested; earlier; past
saṁskāra = (iic.) impressions from the past or from a previous life; our tendencies
śeṣa = (nom. sg. m.) that which remains
anyaḥ = (nom. sg. m. from anya) the other (the other form of insight)

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